After I’ve experienced the love and power of the Holy Spirit, now I want to see God touching other people that believe in Him but didn’t have any personal experience and also those who don’t even believe that God is real.

I am a mum of a 5 years old girl and a wife and, most importantly, a follower of Jesus.

I encountered God’s love when I accepted Jesus as my Saviour in February 2017, but my life changed after I received the baptism in the Holy Spirit, a few weeks later, which brought love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control into my heart (Galatians 5:22-23). For me, the baptism in the Spirit was a powerful experience, with physical manifestations – I felt my hands lifting up, then they started to twist, and soon after I felt a like a punch in my stomach and as a strong feeling as if someone was pulling out something from there. Alter all this I felt freezing cold and dizzy, drunk in the Spirit. God is real. I felt His presence.

In April 2017 I attended a conference called “Kingdom Power & Glory”, organised by Global Awakening in Southampton. I felt God’s love and glory all over me during the prayers, blessings and impartations. These three days of intensive training (over 10 hours daily) were very useful and very powerful too – I fell to the ground by God’s glory, I cried of joy, I felt God’s love for me, I felt the power of the Holy Spirit flowing through me when I was shaking on the floor and smelled a beautiful heavenly fragrance of lavender. Such a blessing to receive this at the beginning of my spiritual journey. I learned many useful things about the Kingdom of God and I left the conference empowered to do the work of God.

In November 2017 I attended Fire17 in London. Another powerful event lead more by the Holy Spirit than the speakers. There were so many messages that went straight into my heart. The wake-up call for me came from Eric Gilmour who asked us to look at Jesus, love Him and adore Him, more than looking at His Works. Todd White and Daniel Kolenda were also brilliant, very inspiring to hear their stories and see how God is using them worldwide.

God has done many amazing things for me and the people I prayed for. Read my testimonies.

I love being in the presence of the Holy Spirit and walking and living in the supernatural power of God. So far, I received a few words of knowledge for healing, revelations, messages, prophetic images, and seen many people healed after I prayed for them. I believe there is more to come.

I seek God in my secret place and I enjoy every opportunity to be in the presence of the Holy Spirit.

“With God everything is possible” – Matthew 19:26.

How God Speaks to Me

With audible voice – In April 2017, after a difficult time feeling my body very weak, God woke me up telling me “Have Faith”.

Sending me clear messages straight into my heart – Just before we moved to Egham, Gold told me exactly this – “I have better plans for you”. I trusted Him and now I see His plans unfolding. A while ago God spoke to me saying just “I choose you”. Later on, I found in the Bible something related to this… “You did not choose Me but I chose you and appointed you that you would go and bear fruit and that your fruit would remain, so that whatever you ask the Father in my Name He may give you” (John 15:16). One time He said “I have plans to prosper you”. I heard this as a clear thought coming into my mind when I was just walking, not praying or asking Him anything.

Giving me words of knowledge for healing – I felt the pains of other people and, as I prayed for them, God healed them

Through other people – who gave me answers to what I prayed to God

Telling me what to read in the Bible to find the answers I was looking for. It happened a few times.

Showing prophetic images of me in future circumstances – I received two of these – they were like fast forward movies. I will get hold of these images and wait for them to come to pass

Through the Bible – His Words came to life giving me the answers to my prayers

Giving me revelations to help me understand the Bible, love Jesus (before I surrendered my life to Him), know that God had chosen me and much more. I will share them all in the book I am now writing

  • God told me that the Bible is a prophetic book revealing things that God had planned for this world since He created it.
  • He also told me that whatever He promised in the Bible is His Will for us to have.
  • When you ask for something believe you have received it and you will see it manifested in your life – “Whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours” (Mark 11:24)
  • When you pray, be convinced that God is giving you what you are hoping to receive. I personally see hope as a positive imagination. “Faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see” (Hebrews 11:1)
  • What it is in your heart and comes out of your mouth is what you will see manifested in your life – For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he” – Proverbs 23:7, KJV
  • The words you speak dictate what’s happening in your life. If you speak God’s blessings into your life, you’ll see them manifested, but if you speak negative things you give power to the enemy to bring his plans to completion.

A new book

I am now writing a biography book about How God changed my life after I accepted Jesus into my heart and surrendered my life to Him. This is going to be my first Christian book.